Thursday, 31 December 2009

In print again - Lets Get Crafting Crochet

Wow - I'm in print again, this time I'm featured in Lets Get Crafting Crochet - on the front cover too, how exciting!! Some time ago LGC editor asked me to design four cupcakes from the free yarn and hook that comes with this publication. These are the results. Hope you like them. I will be selling the pattern soon, once I have taken photos of the different stages and finished cakes.


George's Mum said...

well done! I keep seeing the adverts for this on TV. that must be so exciting to be on the front cover! x

Cakes Knits and Cosies said...

Oooh - I haven't seen the advert, I'll look out for it. I haven't found a copy in the shops yet, but I'm still looking (excitedly!!).