Monday, 29 December 2008

Christmas Slippers

I knitted lots of lovely bits and bobs for christmas presents, but one of my favourites were these slipper socks, loosely based on a 1940's vintage pattern. I knitted them for my daughter who loves all things vintage. The green yarn is vintage and I thought the red and cream added that christmassy feel.

I am still working on this pattern. It still needs 'tweaking' on the heels as they are far too square and 'lumpy'. I also need to work out the knitting instructions for all adult sizes. I looked everywhere for a men's slipper sock pattern (size 12) but couldn't find a nice pattern anywhere. So I'll be creating these in XL size for my hubby and daughter's boyfriend.

The pattern and slippers will be for sale in my etsy shop soon, so don't forget to keep looking.

Hope you are all having a lovely christmas, and all the best for 2009!!