Thursday, 14 May 2009

Winning Streak

It seems as though we're on a winning streak in our house. This month my daughter is featured in Cheshire Life Magazine (page 43 if anyone has it). She is photographed in this beautiful red tutu hand made by Rossetti. Then my seven year old son received a certificate and letter in the post to say his poem had been accepted for printing in a children's book on poems. He was very nonchelant about it - whist I was very excited.

On to me - my crochet cupcakes pattern is being published in a new crochet mag which is out this month (although I haven't managed to get a copy yet). I think it's called lets get crafty crochet - if anyone sees it let me know where!! Then yesterday I received an email to say I had won £50 in vouchers for a competition that I entered on Earthwhile's website. They sell some really nice eco products, so I can't wait to spend the vouchers.

Now all I need is for something good to happen for my daughter who graduated last year with a first class degree in fine art. She has been trying to establish herself as an artist. She's doing well, but really needs a job just to earn some cash. She's had a few interviews recently so GOOD LUCK!! I hope things turn out well for her.

Hubby has also applied for a job, so hopefully the good luck streak will help him too...

So, I'm send you good luck vibes through this message - I hope something good happens for you too.

Sunday, 3 May 2009

My first Etsy treasury of Cakes, Knits and Cosies

I've finally created my first etsy treasury. I've been waiting for ages for the list to get below 333 so that I can create one. The way the treasury works is that once the active treasury list falls below 333 you can create a treasury of your own.

Then, last night at about 10.50pm, I suddenly remembered that the list was due to get to 333 at about 11.30pm. I quickly took a look on etsy and it was a good job I did. I must have miscalculated my timings as the list was already down to 333. So I waited patiently and it happened - when the next treasury expired and the list was at 332, the magic box appeared for a title. I couldn't believe my luck - I was 'in' and off I went, creating my own treasury. How exciting. There are so many gorgeous listings on etsy that I really was spoilt for choice.

I kept my treasury close to home - choosing my CakesKnitsandCosies name as a prompt. I chose my favourite Cakes, Knits and Cosies (although I included some crocheted listings as well!!).

I am really pleased with my treasury - it looks pretty.... It's expired now , so thanks to eveyone who left a comments.