Saturday, 14 March 2009

Knitted Cakes

I love to knit and crochet cakes - they really make me smile. I don't know what it is that's so appealing to me, but it's great to create the perfect cake - with no sugar, no calories and no dreaded wheat or gluten. With my wheat and gluten allergy I suppose it's a case of - 'If I can't eat them, I'll knit them instead'.

People at work think I'm crazy with my knitting, I often knit them little 'treats', and actually they've been quite impressed, despite their cynicism. 'Why would anyone want a knitted cake' they laugh - but when they see one, they generally accept that they are quite appealing....

I am just on the point of finishing another knitted cake pattern. In fact I've revamped a previous pattern that sold well, but I felt it needed upgrading a little, due to the fact that I designed it a couple of years ago, when there were very few knitted cake patterns around. There are now so many other cake patterns on the market that my patterns need a bit of a make-over to give them the wow factor. Any day now the pattern will be ready - so keep looking for a sneak preview.

I thought I'd take this opportunity to show you a few of my favourite things on MISI - my top 5 cake related yummies......

Number one is this pretty Cupcake card from Dots and Spots - This would definitely make me smile...

Number two is this nostalgic print from SaintKitten - who also has some gorgeous vintage button brooches too. This cute little deer and french fancies take me back to my childhood. My favourites were the chocolate ones.

Number three was a difficult one to choose, because the Karen at the pink fairy cake has so many gorgeous things in her MISI shop. I decided on her felt cake, just because I love felt food and it looks so pretty.

Now I've got a dilemma as I just logged onto MISI and there's a new seller selling more felt cakes. These are so sweet that I must include them too. Daisy Daydreams has more handcrafted goodies for sale - so take a look in her MISI shop

Last but definitely not least is this yummy felt bunting from Nickynackynoo. What a great way to feel in the tea party mood all the time.

That all for now - I hope you've enjoyed my delicious delights from MISI.