Sunday, 3 January 2010

New Year Resolutions - Number 1

A happy and crafty 2010 to you all.

It's that time of year when we're all making new year's resolutions. What are yours?

Well mine are many and varied, so I'll dedicate a blog to each.

Number one, stemming from today - keep on top of washing and ironing!!!! (Shouts loudly at self!!!)

Why - well because at the moment, due to poor housekeeping (Oh well, it was Christmas after all!!), I have several mounds of washing and ironing, spread evenly around the house to try and disguise the fact that I've been neglecting my household chores.

I've blitzed a few wash loads today, although the problem is getting things dry in this weather and I don't like to use my tumble dryer unless it's an emergency. That was one of last year's resolutions and I'm pleased to say I kept to it - thus helping to reduce our electricity bill and also reduce my impact on our changing climate. My other resolution from last year was to make sure we all wear our clothes more, before washing them. So if we're about to pop something in the wash basket - we check it (for stains) sniff if (for pongs) - if neither are present, then we wear it again. Thus reducing washing loads (water, electricity, powders etc) and extra ironing. This was another success last year, yippee.

I also did a spot of ironing this morning - first time in weeks!!. I made it into a contest of how much ironing could I do in half an hour - the answer was loads, as long as I did it quickly. So no more faffing around trying to get all the creases out of stuff. This year, I'll be just wizzing the iron quickly over clothes - and NO IRONING UNDERWEAR!!! (Shouts again at self!!). It's a habit I really need to get out of as it's totally unnecessary.

I let you know how quickly I can get my ironing pile reduced to an acceptable level. Oh, bytheway, hubby irons too - we each do a little stint, so we should get through it quickly between us.

That's my first resolution. There's lots more to come......

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Ha! yes same hear rather be sewing than ironing. Kx