Sunday, 10 January 2010

New Year Resolutions - Number 2

Well, number one is going well so far. I've caught up with the washing and have had the iron out at least 3-4 times this week - doing well on with that one at least.

Not doing as well with number 2 - which is GO TO BED EARLY.

In the run up to Christmas, from around the beginning on November, I started to go to bed later than usual, mainly due to the fact that I had some commissions to finish, Christmas pressies to knit, pressies to wrap, cards to write, decorations to put up etc., and not to mention the normal activities of cooking, cleaning, working, dance shows, costumes to sort etc. Phew!! Didn't get to bed before 11.30/11.45pm each night, which is late for me - I like to be in before 11.00pm. The house starts to rise early (about 6.30am) as my daughter has to leave for her school rather early. So as you can see I hadn't been getting enough rest, and was consequently very tired over the Christmas holidays. Despite lots of lies-in and lazy days, I'm still feeling a little tired, so I definitely need more hours sleep.

What's keeping me up now then? I hear you ask. The answer is Celebrity Big Brother. I love it this time - it's making me laugh a lot. We all have our own favourites in the house, from Sisco, Vinny and Heidi to the latest housemate Yvana. I think she looks amazing and is very likeable.

We're looking forward to more activities like the 'Hunk Off'. How funny were those thongs!!! We were all in stitches.

So we'll have to see how my second resolution turns out..... but it's not looking promising!!


haptree said...

I'm a new follower! The other night I looked at the clock on my laptop and realised it was 1.30am! I too need to stop burning the candles at both ends, or at least earn enough money to buy some decent wrinkle cream!

Suz said...

Yeah someone else the same as me. I hate that celebrity big brother s on at 9 because i get caught up in that and then they start showing a film after and its then nearly midnight.

Christmas was alkward too with working late shifts in retail I worked till 8, came home, ate and then it was time to bed so of course you stayed up later.

Time to get back into a routine me thinks.

Take care