Monday, 26 April 2010

My Rosacea

I thought it's about time I started to talk about my rosacea. Mainly in the hope that I can inspire other rosacea sufferers to get to the doctors and get some help . That's just what I did and now things are a lot more managable and boy, does my skin look a million times better. To be honest, it's barely noticable now and I feel happy again. I was quite traumatised over christmas when it flared up really badly, so much so that I was glad to be snowed in the house.........

Rosacea is a chronic skin condition that affects the face and neck. For more information from the NHS, click here. Sadly there's no cure, but it's managable with various gels and medication. The main thing is that certain factors trigger off rosacea, such as stress, sunlight, cold weather, hot drinks, alcohol and certain foods.

The trick is to work out what triggers your rosacea. It's very time consuming but the best way to manage rosacea is to avoid the triggers.

My triggers are, hot water (eg. hot bath/shower), chemicals (eg. in shampoos, soaps, bathroom cleaners, those dreaded air fresheners that keep spraying every few minutes arrrrh!!!), direct heat (eg from radiators, fires, sun), various food products and drinks - any alcohol, pepper and I'm sure it's either sulphite additives or food that trigger a release of histimines. I'm still working on this one.

So, as well as my wheat and gluten intolerance, I have to avoid lots of other foods too.

I've seen three different GPs, had allergy tests and blood tests, and finally the 3rd. GP I saw prescribed Rosex gel and antibiotics for three months. The antibiotics really worked and now I just use the gel, twice a day, as well as avoiding all the triggers, which in itself is hard work. Cold showers, washes and no alcohol. I also take an anti-histimine every couple of days, which helps too.

I feel a lot happier now though, I look pretty normal again and my face is a lot less sensitive. I would urge anyone suffering from Rosacea to push their GP to find a solution for them. It's definitely manageable.

I blog more about my daily rountine and the products I use - as my GP said - you don't need to buy special creams that cost a fortune.  It's certainly helped me, so hopefully I can help someone else.


Christals Creations said...

Well done you. I have manky skin and I need to see the Dr and my Dad and husband have asked me to go recently and i'm still putting it off. I feel such a flake. Hi i've got spots and sores. It feels like a teen thing not a thirty + thing.
I will go after our holiday.

Mayo said...

Organic "kitchen" products (raw honey & olive oil) helped me get rid of a severe (rosacea) reaction I had to a face cream.

A dermatologist told me to use the "cleanest" (meaning chemical-free) ingredients/products I could find. My skin recovered and continued use of chemical-free products has left my skin looking and feeling great.

It seems research is showing that a buildup of chemicals on the skin can cause acne, dryness (leading to prematurely aging skin) and skin cancer.

Now I know how important it is to check out the ingredients in ANY product I use on my skin or hair.

When I buy anything, I choose certified organic products because I learned what the chemicals in "regular" products can do, including cause acne, dry up the skin and cause skin cancer.

Look up the ingredients in the products that are available and see what they do. I think you'll be shocked.

For example, here are the ingredients in a Clearasil product and what they can do to skin


Emma said...

Have discovered your blog today because of crochet & knitting, then read this. I too have rosacea. It has become worse the closer I get to 40. I started in my early 30's. I thought it was my hormones due to having 3 kids close together. Other things I do aswell as medicated stuff from doc are: take Lysine & a digestive enzyme from your health store, eat lots of healthy food - almonds, almond milk, dark berries, oats etc. Also use Dr Hauschka & Dermalogica. If I think of anything else I'll let you know!

Emma - vintageprettyandsimple.blogspot - I'm not a very good blogger!!!!