Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Destash#2 - Rowan Cotton Rope

The instructions for the first part of my preemie baby blanket are here. Now for the second part. Because my blanket isn't big enough (only 33cm square) I need to edge it with a complimentary chunky yarn. I've chosen some white Cotton Rope from my stash, as I have just over two 50g balls.

Rowan Cotton Rope is a softly twisted rope like yarn, which knits up quickly. It's a combination of cotton (55%) and acrylic (45%).

Good points: Nice and soft - lovely to crochet with. Firm texture.
Bad points: None that I can find.

Edging instructions:
Take a 5.5 or 6mm crochet hook and make a sl st onto your hook. Join with a double crochet (dc) to any side of the blanket. Working around the blanket, dc into the space between every row. When you get to a corner make 3dc into the corner space. Work around all 4 sides and join to the first dc with a sl st.

Next row: Make 3ch (counts as first treble crochet (tr)). Work 1 tr into every st of the previous round. When you get to a corner, work 5 tr into the middle st of the 3 corner sts. Join to 3rd ch of first tr.

Repeat this row until you are happy with the size of your blanket (don't forget to work 5 tr in the middle st of every corner group of 5 sts). Cut yarn and pull through st on hook. Darn all yarn ends into the blanket and trim.

Here's my finished blanket. I'm not overjoyed with it. The creamy white colour in the sirdar spree just looks like dirty white and the knitted middle is very loose. I hope it's OK as a preemie blanket. The good thing is that it's nice and soft and the cotton mix should be great for delicate skin.

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Emilee said...

That is a great idea. I have so much yarn and I continue to add to it.