Monday, 29 March 2010

Bunnies and Bootees

I've blogged about my latest crochet pattern already, but I've just made another cutie from the pattern and added a little bag and a carrot, so I thought I'd share the piccys with you.  I made the bunny for a creature shop, organised by  Giraffe Craft on Folksy. I hope the little bunny doesn't eat the creme egg en-route!!  I also hope my creature swap recipient likes my bunny.  The cute little chicken isn't my work - I'm recycling it from a previous swap.

I've also made a pretty little pair of bootees for my mum-in-law for a friend who is having a baby. I looked everywhere for a nice free pattern for bootees but wasn't over-excited by any of them, so I have created my own. This is another of my patterns that I'm just about to release - I'm just working on a matching beanie hat.

I really must get my patterns written up and published soon, but I just don't seem to be able to fit everything in these days. There's just so much to do all the time.

For example, today we simply bought 8 shallow bowls for our Denby collection (they were a real bargain at £3.99 each so we coudn't resist). However, when we got home, we had to sort the kitchen cupboard out to fit them in. This resulted in all cupboards being sorted. It's amazing how many cups and plates you can amass over time. We've had a massive clearout and now got a huge bag full of mugs, glasses and other bits and bobs to take to the charity shop. Now everything doesn't just fall out of cupboards all the time. I'm really pleased to have a nice clean and tidy kitchen again.

But I digress - here are my latest fibre works of art.


Charlene said...

Oh my goodness, the cuteness is to much!! Hello from your latest blog follower, what a darling blog you have. You can visit me here:

Sascha Green said...

That bunny is gorgeous and those booties!!! Very talented!