Monday, 9 February 2009


I've finally finished writing up my new crochet pattern - it's take ages but I'm really happy with it. I used Microsoft Publisher this time which is much easier that word, and I created a pdf so that it is in a fixed format and can be sent by email. As usual, this pattern is for sale in my etsy shop and in my folksy shop.

The pattern is for four different scrubbie patterns, four matching wash cloths and a strap to keep the scrubbies tidy. I've been happily testing the pattern for a while and now have loads of scrubbies in little stacks everywhere.

The great thing about cotton scrubbies is that you don't have to buy stuff that you simply throw away - cotton wool balls are a great example and they're often not even made of cotton anyway!! They can be washed over and over - there's always room in the washing machine for a little scrubbie. I've been using them in the kitchen for ages - I have three or four that I cycle round, so I always have one handy when another one's in the wash. They should last for years too - so they're great for the environment.

The housework has taken a bit of a hit whilst I've been writing up and testing this pattern - so now it's time to catch up with washing and ironing, cleaning and vacuuming.

I have an idea for another crochet pattern already developing in my head, so I'll soon be back to the drawing board.

I'd love to hear your comments - I'll be giving away some freebies soon - so keep watching this space........

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Gingerbread said...

These are going to make lovely gifts, they do look good. Julie