Saturday, 24 October 2009

Craft Magazines - what's your favourite?

I've just bought the latest Let's Knit mag and also Knit Today mag, and I wondered what everyone's favourite craft mag was? There's so many craft mags out there, you'd need a small fortune to buy them all!! Even though they are quite expensive, I buy a few each month, but I don't drink or smoke, so a girl's gotta have one vice!!
My top Five are:
Let's Knit
Sew Hip
Lets Get Crafting
Simply Knitting
Knit Today

I buy Let's Knit every month just because I love it. It's fab and funky and a great read. I often knit from the patterns too, which makes it worth buying. A few of my patterns and designs have been featured in LK, which I'm really proud of. I have all the editions of LK except the first. I've tried to buy it on ebay, but it usually goes for a ridiculous price - I'm not that desparate.

I bought Knit today too this month because it had a little free pattern book with it, with some cute designs.

I resisted Simply Knitting this month as there seemed to be a lot of jumpers and cardigans (not really my thing!). I also find Alan Dart a bit too fiddly, although his creations are absolutely fantastic. I've just used my Tesco clubcard vouchers to subscribe to Simply Knitting, so I'll be looking forward to it each month from December.

Another favourite of mine is Sew Hip Magazine. I have to say it's definitely my second fave after Let's Knit. The articles and fabric designs are really inspiring and there's always a cute little toy pattern to make. The magazine makes me want to sew, which is great, although I still haven't got round to starting a quilt yet. One day.....

I've also bought a couple of Let's Get Crafting Mags recently - one for crochet and one for knitting. They were really expensive compared to other mags, but I had a pattern published in the crochet mag, so I just had to buy it. I tried hard to resist the knitting edition, but failed miserably. Both were definitely worth buying. The free yarn was really soft and I've made some nice little cakes with it.

So what's your favourite? and have you made anything you're really proud of?


Missy said...

Great blog!

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catface&pancakes said...

I've never actually bought a craft magazine, they look really good though expecially Sew Hip. I'm going to have to dig that one out! It's great to find a fellow knitter :)